Suzy Dunser

"My ceramic work explores ideas about form within the realm of functional vessels. I have always enjoyed using handmade objects myself, and the consideration of both form and use is part of my design process. I became hooked on teapots a few years ago, and they now provide a significant focus for my work.

My love of ceramics stretches back to my first experiences throwing at the age of 13 at a summer camp in Connecticut, USA. After a long and winding life journey, training and working as an architectural lighting designer, I came back to clay on a casual basis in 1995, when I moved to New Zealand, and in 2006 made the decision to make ceramics a priority in my life. I enrolled in the Otago Polytechnic Diploma of Ceramic Arts in 2008, completing the programme in 2011. Peter Lange was my first tutor in New Zealand, and has been a mentor to me over the years. Andrew van der Putten, Peter Collis, and Merilyn Wiseman have also had a significant impact on my development as a potter and ceramic artist."