Garry Nash

Garry Nash has been working with glass in all forms since 1978, and received an ONZM in 2000 for his services to glass. His specialty is in blown glass. 

The alchemy of sand, air and fire that is hot glass is pushed to the limit at Nash’s Auckland studio – where he develops and manufactures his unique and distinctive collection of contemporary works. 

Working with a gas fired furnace at around twelve hundred degrees celsius, a mass of glass is initially fathered onto a hollow blowpipe. The glassworker works against gravity to create form by blowing and gently spinning the pipe, manipulating the glass using handmade tools of wood, steel, graphite and paper to create original artworks. 

The Flora series looks back to the last time nature was explored thoroughly though glass in the art nouveau period, a look that is secretly loved by many, but often publically ridiculed. Taking this as a basis, but to keep it relevant to contemporary understanding of nature and imagery, computer technology has been used to generate floral stencils of plants from original drawings and modified photographs. The plants chosen are ones that many New Zealanders will find in their back yards, native or introduced.

Their look is also inspired by the artist Banksy’s political stencils, so they have been deliberately left undisguised as stenciled images, in sharp contrast to art nouveau practices.